This product has been discontinued

Accel SLM Fuel Injection Module - SLM06


  • Manufacturer: Accel


Manufacturer Part Number: SLM06

Accel SLM Fuel Injection Module

  • Accels new SLM (Self-Learning Module) available for all fuel injected Harley-Davidsons models with both Magneti-Marelli and Delphi ECUs, even Touring models with Throttle by Wire systems. This self learning technology compensates for changing loads, weather conditions and altitude while you ride. Automatically re-calibrates and optimizes for modifications such as exhaust pipes, intake, air cleaners, cams, etc.
  • Converts early models to a Closed Loop system allowing for better engine efficiency resulting in improved performance
  • Direct plug-in connections to factory throttle position sensor, crank position sensor and O2 sensors for easy installation
  • Shock and vibration proof surface mount PCB design allows for great durability
  • Increases power and torque for stock and modified applications while still reducing emissions and improving mileage
  • No need for costly dyno tuning sessions or down loading calibration files to a lap top
  • No need to re-flash the factory ECU, simply plug it in and ride
  • Eliminates the bang & pop associated with mis-programmed ECU due to intake and exhaust modifications
  • Includes one O2 sensor and one weld-in bung
  • Throttle by Wire/6-pin TPS/4-pin O2 Sensor