This product has been discontinued

Akrapovic Evolution Line Full System Exhaust Hexagonal Muffler - Titanium/Carbon/Carbon - 4:2:1 - S-S7RFT8-TC


  • Manufacturer: Akrapovic


Akrapovic Evolution Line Full System Exhaust

  • Perforated inner sleeve and inlet cap are all made of titanium
  • Flared or conical link pipe is made of titanium and welded to the muffler
  • Oval-shaped canister with your choice of carbon fiber or titanium outer sleeve
  • Hexagonal mufflers feature a carbon-fiber outlet cap to match the design of each bike
  • Link pipe; header tube joint is milled on a state-of-the-art CNC machine and secured by high-quality, silicon-shielded tempered springs
  • Conical shaped header tube is made of titanium
  • Includes a lightweight, compact and high-temperature-resistant carbon-fiber muffler clamp
  • Ceramic anti-seizing grease is used to prevent seizing, corrosion and excessive wear of parts of the exhaust system made of titanium (due to vibration and extreme temperatures)
  • Carbon-fiber heat shield included, if called for in the design
  • Titanium Header / Carbon Muffler / Carbon End-Cap

Manufacturer Part Number: S-S7RFT8-TC