This product has been discontinued

Arai RX-Q Spencer Re-Style Helmet


  • Manufacturer: Arai



Arai RX-Q
  • ScLc Super Complex Laminate Construction shell uses Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve an exceptionally strong flexible shell in an extremely lightweight package.
  • One-piece multi-density fused EPS liner
  • Intake and exhaust vents improve air flow and are recessed into the shell to reduce wind noise. Top-mounted vents feed 10mm vent holes to move more air.
  • Bottom "Outward-flaring Hyper ridge" for added strength with reduced weight and lowered centre of gravity.
  • Shape is close to, but slightly more round than the "mid-Oval" shape of the Vector and Corsair-V.
  • Dual-Pivot Chinvent sends fresh air to the face or shield for defogging. Also features a replaceable activated carbon-coated foam filter.
  • Wider Eyeport opening for better peripheral vision made possible by Arai's new "Peripheral forehead belt system" strengthening the forehead area.
  • Removable neck roll and Quick release Cheek Pads