This product has been discontinued

Arai VX-Pro III Narita Helmet


  • Manufacturer: Arai


Arai VX-Pro III Narita Helmet

The first top-to-bottom redesign of the Arai VX series. Bristling with innovations and functional updates, it promises to be the choice of a growing number of racers and riders turning to Arai's legendary pursuit of building the best helmet humanly possible.

The feeling of an Arai comes from the experience of decades. From the hands, talent, and passion of Arai craftsmen. The results are organic shell shapes, wind-slicing aerodynamics, a lower center of gravity, incredible balance, light weight. And comfort and fit like no other. Arai builds comfort and protection to the best of their ability for people who ride motorcycles.

  • NEW ARAI INNOVATION: From Arai's decades-long commitment to building the best helmets humanly possible comes the first Emergency Release Cheekpad Design created specifically for MX/off-road motorcycle helmets. Developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the new VX-PRO3's cheekpads slide out easily via the integrated pull-tabs built into the underside of the cheekpad - which makes helmet removal much easier for trained medical technicians.
  • NEW Top-Mount Ventilation Diffuser: This is Arai's first dirt helmet with our diffuser ventilation system. (It was Arai who introduced the world's first diffuser-mounted motorcycle helmet - the original RX-7 road-racing model - now one of the most-copied features.)
  • Rounded Chinbar: All of Arai's VX Series' dirt helmets have a unique rounded chinbar shape with less protrusion, making it less likely to catch and dig in during a spill than most other designs. The overall oval form takes its cue from that of the egg, which has long been known to be an extremely-strong and efficient shape.
  • NEW Chinbar Forward Tilt: The VX-PRO3 has been redesigned with an additional 11mm of forward tilt in the upper chinbar nose area, giving you more room and a more open feeling. The length and radius of the chinbar are unchanged, retaining the VX- Series' minimized protrusion.
  • NEW Grill: A one-piece, stamp-formed, stainless-steel expanded-mesh screen provides a durable barrier against roost while minimizing mud-packing. The closeable chinbar vent gate, introduced on the VX-PRO-(DC), allows control of airflow into the chin area. And it can be easily removed and replaced if desired.
  • Interior: The head comfort liner and cheekpads are fully-removable, washable and replaceable. They use Arai's exclusive Dry- Cool material for superior heat transfer and drying time - making washing or swapping liners between motos a snap. A removable/washable/replaceable chinstrap cover completes Arai's total package of interior washability.