This product has been discontinued

Arlen Ness by MagnaFlow Redline Tru-X 2:2 Exhaust System


  • Manufacturer: Arlen Ness


Arlen Ness by MagnaFlow Redline Tru-X 2:2 Exhaust System

The ultimate performance upgrade for your Bagger is the Arlen Ness by MagnaFlow™ Redline Tru-X crossover exhaust system. This high-performance complete system with head pipes and mufflers is engineered to pull exhaust from the engine and equalize the overall flow for increased performance while dramatically reducing heat from the rider's leg on or stock or highly tuned engines. Your Round Pounder Tru-X system offers a custom look with performance, power and deep rich smooth sound for miles of enjoyable riding.

  • The Tru-X Crossover Design Is Engineered To Equalize Exhaust Flow And Back Pressure For Ultimate Performance.
  • Amazing Deep, Rich Sound Quality.
  • Performance Gains On Stock Or Highly Tuned Motors.
  • 4 1/2" Black Mufflers With Gloss Black Accent Cut End Caps.
  • 2 1/4" Black Heat Shields.
  • 1 2/3" Head Pipe.
  • 12mm and 18mm Oxygen Sensor Ports.
  • Reduces Heat From Riders Leg.
  • Made in The USA.