This product has been discontinued

Arva Evo 3+ Avalanche Beacon


  • Manufacturer: Arva


Arva Evo 3+ Digital Beacon - Red

The best selling beacon of the ARVA family gets an upgrade this year. While maintaining its simplicity and ease of use, the EVO3 + will be upgraded in multiple victim searching with the integration of a central marking button. The digital display clearly indicates whether searching for one, two, or three plus other beacons, and victims can easily be managed in a search with this new button. Also, thanks to its "clip and safe" system the device will always be on when are wearing it. The ARVA EVO3 + is the new standard of effective and easy to use 3 Antenna beacons.

  • Transceiver: 457 kHz, international frequency.
  • Display: 100% digital
  • User friendly
  • Erasing function for multiple victims situations
  • Multiple victims icon 1, 2, 3 and +
  • Battery life 250 Hrs
  • Require 4 alkaline batteries AAA/LR03
  • Optional harness also available

  • Search band width: 40m
  • Receiving hours: 40
  • Micro Processor: 16 bits
  • Size: 135x76x28mm
  • Weight: 220g