This product has been discontinued

Arva Neo Avalanche Beacon


  • Manufacturer: Arva


Arva Neo Avalanche Beacon

Intuitive and performance are keywords that help define our latest device, the Neo. With a search bandwidth never seen on the market, and improved performance in reliability and speed, the Neo is the most powerful device on the market. The simple and powerful designed matches both the demanding needs of the most advanced users, who will be impressed by its incredible range, as well as beginners, who will appreciate the user friendliness of the beacon.

  • Transceiver: 457 kHz, international frequency
  • 100% digital
  • User friendly
  • Marking function for multiple victims situations (3 or 5m)
  • Multiple victims icon 1, 2, 3, 4 and +
  • Automatic switch back to transmit mode with timer
  • Bright screen technology
  • Battery life 250 Hrs
  • Power supply: 3 AAA/ LR03 alkaline batteries
  • Frequence test

  • Search band width: 60m
  • Receiving hours: 40
  • Micro Processor: 32 bits cortex M3
  • Size: 120x73x20mm
  • Weight: 230g