This product has been discontinued

Avon AV62 VP2 Xtreme Rear Tire


  • Manufacturer: Avon


The ultra high-performance radial tire developed on the track for hard use both on the circuit whilst remaining road legal, the Viper Xtreme is uncompromising in its pursuit of ultimate dry surface grip and high-speed performance. The Viper Xtreme's rubber compound is specially formulated to be both super-sticky and to reach its optimum operating temperature extremely quickly, making it ideal for track day use.

Of course, extreme grip is just part of the story. The Viper Xtreme is also designed to be very stable during hard use; its tread contour, for example, is profiled to give a large footprint when your bike's cranked right over and also to provide confidence-inspiring handling as you flick from one side to the other. Stability is also key to the Viper Xtreme's performance under heavy braking, while the front tire's profile is carefully designed to reduce shimmying through the handlebars as you throttle away hard from corners.

  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph
  • Dual track/road tire that delivers the ultimate high-speed performance
  • Steel belts of varying densities are wound together for exceptional stability, flexibility and grip
  • Maximized handling and stability at all angles and during breaking with Advanced Tread Arc Combination-Tri Arc (ATAC-TA)
  • Super-sticky rubber compound for incredible dry-surface grip
  • Handles wet conditions with easy using Enhanced Aqua Flow (EAF) tread pattern
  • Tire changes at various lean angles for improved grip
  • Blackwall
  • Tubeless