This product has been discontinued

Cardo Scala Rider Q2/Teamset/Multiset Corded Audio Kit


  • Manufacturer: Scala Rider


Cardo Scala Rider Q2/Teamset/Multiset Corded Audio Kit

Do you have a Full face helmet with limited space inside the helmet to fit the Boom Microphone? With this CORDED Microphone helmet clamp, you can fit the Mic inside your helmet and connect your MP3 player to our Teamset, Q2, or Q2 Multiset. The new Helmet Clamp comes with dual speakers (mono), a high impact balancing CORDED microphone, and a rugged clamp for instant attachment to your helmet (alternative option to glue the kit onto your helmet is also provided). In addition, you can also connect your MP3 player via the enclosed cable and listen to your favorite tune in full stereo. This Helmet Clamp comes with an CORDED mic which will fit inside any Full face helmet.

NOTE: MP3 connectivity is not supported when using the SCALA RIDER solo or FM headsets. It works only with the following SCALA RIDER models: TeamSet, Q2, and Q2 MultiSet.