This product has been discontinued

Cardo Scala Rider Half Helmet Audio Kit


  • Manufacturer: Scala Rider



This item does NOT include the communication system which is be purchased separately.


Will not fit Scala Rider G4 or G9 Models


Only compatible with Scala Rider TeamSet and Q2 Pro

Cardo just made it easier to use your Q2, MultiSet, Q2 pro, MultiSet pro, TeamSet pro and TeamSet with Your Half Helmet.

Easily attach your scala rider in minutes to speak bike-to bike or rider-passenger to your fellow riders, make and accept phone calls, receive in-helmet GPS navigation instructions listen to your favorite MP3 music or to the built in FM radio**, via Bluetooth or cable-connected devices.

The new patent-pending Audio-Kit accessory attaches firmly to the 'V' shaped helmet straps and includes two soft ear curtains for extra comfort and an enhanced audio experience.

The scala rider ® accessory for half helmets comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack used for attaching either the included ultra-slim single speaker or ultra-slim dual speakers.


Ride safely!

 * compatible with models excluding G4 / G4 PowerSet
** depending on scala rider headset model