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Cost Breakdown of Motorcycle Luggage

At bottom-end prices, you’ll be sacrificing on build quality. And that’s not a particularly good thing, considering that these pieces have to withstand the elements at high speed.

To save smarter, go with soft-shell luggage. Good soft-shells can be extremely waterproof and durable, yet they’re available at a fraction of the hard-shell prices. For waterproofing, stick with synthetic fabrics. If you don't mind spending a little more, genuine leather will give better longevity.

You can also save some money by buying a kit. Side cases come in two-packs, which will save you a few bucks. Likewise, saddlebag-tail bag combos can be bought for less than the sum of their parts. The savings are marginal but - when you need multiple pieces of luggage anyway - it's definitely worth it.

If there’s some cash burning a hole in your pocket, hard-shell luggage is the most expensive. Of course, it also offers the best quality. That's why hard cases are extremely popular with rugged adventure and touring riders.

As we mentioned already, OEM bags will mesh wonderfully with your bike. But you’ll be sinking a lot of money into that manufacturer’s logo.

Pencils down everyone – that’s all you need to know about motorcycle luggage! It was a long haul (groan), but now it’s time to send you packing (double groan).

And since making a bad joke twice is truly inexcusable, I’ll take this opportunity to shut-up.

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