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Cost of Motorcycle Helmets

Let’s talk frankly when it comes to money.

Motorcycle helmets cost between $50 and $1500. In the middle of this gap – roughly between $250 and $600 – there’s a “quality hump.” In these middle-prices, you’ll find comfortable, quiet, well-ventilated and reasonably light helmets. In other words, the “quality hump” has the best value for your dollar. Below $250, you’ll find that entry-level helmets are noticeably lacking in these features. On the other hand, there are no giant leaps in quality past the $600 mark. If you hand over your firstborn for a premium helmet, you’ll be paying for high-tech extras and a few shaved grams.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Some entry-level helmets are of shockingly high quality. Similarly, some premium helmets are really worth the colossal price tag.

An important thing to note is that there is no direct relation between helmet price and helmet safety. Plenty of $100 lids are just as protective as the $800 carbon/Kevlar models. It isn’t difficult to make a protective helmet; wrapping your head in a million pounds of foam and plastic will make you a very safe bobblehead. Achieving the same safety standards with less weight and volume is where expensive materials come in. You’ll notice the difference that a premium helmet makes while riding, but not while crashing.

Depending on helmet type, you can expect the price range to slide a bit. Open face and half helmets tend to be cheaper, simply because you’re buying less material. Off-road helmets are slightly cheaper than their on-road equivalents. Similarly, full faces are slightly cheaper than comparable modular helmets. That’s just because the flip-up design is inherently more complex to manufacture.

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