This product has been discontinued

Dainese Wave Air Back Protector


  • Manufacturer: Dainese



Dainese Wave Air Back Protector

The highest levels of protection, light weight, ergonomics, and ventilation distinguish this racing back protector developed with suggestions from competitive motorcycle racing's greatest champions. Homologated to EN 1621.2 Standard Level 2, this back protector has rigid external corrugated plates for better impact energy distribution and a lightweight core made of aluminum honeycomb and Astrosorb. Ergonomics and riding comfort are guaranteed thanks to jointed pads, a patented lumbar support joint , the perforation of the structure, the use of breathable fabrics, and ample volume adjustment possibilities.

  • Back protector certified to EN 1621.2/2003 Standard (Lev. 2).
  • External polypropylene plates with perforated and corrugated structure.
  • Aluminum and Astrosorb honeycomb frame.

  • Lumbar band with double adjustment strap.
  • Liner in thermoformed polyethylene foam.
  • Adjustable and removable straps.
  • Lumbar joint.

Temperature Regulation
  • Liner inside back in polyester mesh fabric.
  • Lumbar strip liner and braces in double jersey.
  • External perforated pads.

Other Features
  • Soft inserts.

  • Industrial Design DM/951958.
  • Patent n PCT EP1001688 B.

Note that the WAVE Air Back Protector designation (1S, 11, 12, or 13) varies according to the height measured in centimeters from waist to shoulders in order to afford sufficient back protection and is independet of the size. Use the chart below to determine which model to order:
  • 1S is for waist to shoulders measure of: 37.5 - 42 cm.
  • 11 is for waist to shoulders measure of: 38 - 45 cm.
  • 12 is for waist to shoulders measure of: 41.5 - 47 cm.
  • 13 is for waist to shoulders measure of: 44 - 51 cm.