This product has been discontinued

Divas Super Sport Womens TekVest


  • Manufacturer: Divas SnowGear



Divas SnowGear Super Sport Womens TekVest

  • The ultimate upper-body protector for all trail riders regardless of age, gender or experience level
  • Zip-off fleece collar-standard. Diffuses rising heat and significantly reduces fogging
  • Convenient front zipper access and handy reverse-entry, 2-stage pocket design.
  • Optional quick-attach shoulder pads are available
  • An excellent wind stopper and insulating product
  • Rhinestones on front and back
  • Universal sizing by weight
  • Soft-armor configuration using closed-cell foam & UHMW plastic laminate armor
  • Can be worn under or over a jacket

  • 2XS 70-100 lbs
  • XS 100-130 lbs
  • S 130-150 lbs
  • M 150-185 lbs
  • L 185-210 lbs
  • XL 210-240 lbs
  • 2XL 240-270 lbs
  • 3XL 270-300 lbs