This product has been discontinued

DragonFire Hood Saver Kit - 10-1000


  • Manufacturer: DragonFire


DragonFire Hood Saver Kit

If you have not had the issue of your hood plastics flying off you are lucky! Not only is it irritating but it can also be expensive as well as dangerous. The stock hood plastics can flex and allow the hood section to catch air and fly off the vehicle during extreme riding. Though our years of racing we have developed a simple kit that adds rigidity to the front hood plastics and makes it much harder for the hood plastics to fly off. A lightweight aluminum bracket and optional safety pins give you much needed protection from this issue while still leaving everything in stock looking condition. Don't wait to buy a new hood before getting this kit and you will be a much happier rider.

  • Simple installation
  • Leaves hood plastics looking stock
  • Gives protection from hood flying off RZR during use
  • Optional safety pins for added security
  • Much cheaper then a new hood

Manufacturer Part Number: 10-1000