This product has been discontinued

Dynojet Power Commander V EX - 15-023EX


  • Manufacturer: Dynojet




The Dynojet Power Commander V Ex is approved for street use by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). It includes the best features of the standard Power Commander V but limits adjustability to higher RPMs and throttle positions to hit emission targets.


Dynojet Power Commander V EX


  • Offers virtually the same tuning functionality and installation ease as the Power Commander V line
  • Meets and complies with all California Air Resources Board regulations
  • Works with Dynojet patented Tuning Link Software
  • Develop custom maps the same way as the PC V version
  • Load race only Power Commander models into the PC V EX
  • Automatically converts to the proper format
  • Works with Any Exhaust
  • Increased Horsepower & Torque
  • Dynamometer Tested & Development Maps
  • Rev X-tend (Increase stock rev limiter)
  • Individual Cylinder Mapping
  • Ignition Timing Adjustment
  • Reduces or eliminates Decel Popping

Manufacturer Part Number: 15-023EX