This product has been discontinued

EBC X-Series Brake Rotor - MD2081X


  • Manufacturer: EBC


Manufacturer Part Number: MD2081X

EBC X Series Brake Rotor

  • The steel used in the EBC rotor blades is a special blend with higher friction effect than normal heat treated Stainless steel found on stock dics
  • Boasts up to 10 percent improvement in friction effect improving brakes futher
  • Brake disc design reduces weight 5 -10 percent and increases brake effect
  • Brake disc center hubs are forged aluminum
  • Rotor construction uses high-friction billet steel
  • Universal left- or right-side application
  • SD-System of square-sided buttons that allow the rotor to expand inwards and outwards unrestrained for perfect rotor functionality at any speed or load and increased durability
  • Sold each