This product has been discontinued

Firstgear Basegear Pants


  • Manufacturer: Firstgear


Riding to the best of your ability requires gear that enhances your skills by not only protecting you from the outside elements, but also by functioning internally to keep you dry and maintain a comfortable body temperature. Firstgear’s Technical Performance Gear (TPG) accomplishes these tasks by employing an integrated layering system where each piece performs a specific function. TPG’s three-part system consists of Basegear to keep you dry, a Tech Liner to maintain the correct body temperature and a selection of jackets and pants designed to allow the first two layers to operate properly by protecting against outside forces. TPG is the first system initially designed to function as a cohesive three-part system.
Think of TPG Basegear as a unisex second skin that not only protects you from chafing and bacterial build-up, but that also combats body odor and keeps you dry. Constructed of fabric that’s lighter than cotton, TPG’s Basegear keeps you feeling fresh by helping to keep your skin moisture-free.
  • Moisture transport system wicks the sweat from your body keeping you cool and dry
  • Basegear’s heat-release mechanism keeps your skin surface as cool as possible to help maintain core body temperature - increases in core body temperature can cause muscle fatigue and slow reaction time
  • Fabric is 50% lighter than a cotton t-shirt after 60 minutes of exercise
  • Releases 80% of its moisture after 30 minutes of rest, while cotton only releases 35% of its moisture after 30 minutes of rest
  • All seams flat-stitched for added comfort under layering system
  • UV 50+ protection from sun elements helps control body temperature to reduce fatigue
  • Anti-bacterial protection