This product has been discontinued

Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee Guard


  • Manufacturer: Fox Racing


The Titan Pro Knee Guard is the most sufficient knee guard in motocross. Complete shin, knee and lower thigh coverage are seamlessly joined by a dual pivoting biomechanic hinge and floating Patella guard. Securing the asymmetrical leg-specific guard is an all-new Posi-Lock buckle system featuring one-time strap adjustment. In all, the Titan Pro Knee Guard delivers central, stay-put coverage throughout the entire range of motocross motion.

Design & Function
  • 3-Piece hinged, floating knee cup
  • Complete plastic knee, shin and lower thigh coverage
  • Asymtrical left and right design = Optimum fit
  • Soft vented bio-foam chassis = Keeps you cool and comfortable
  • One-time adjustable posi-lock strap system