This product has been discontinued

FXR Team Limited Edition 3-In-1 Jacket


  • Manufacturer: FXR


Full Throttle - Survival Gear

The Team Limited Edition jacket and pant together provide FXR's legendary full throttle performance and F.A.S.T. flotation assistance protection should things go wrong. The up-sell is the improved performance and comfort with the addition of FXR's proprietary, waterproof/breathable MMT lining system and the all new Cold Stop removable inner jacket for full 3 in 1 performance. Clean, offset, single needle top stitching with premium, technical embroidery detailing and subtle Limited Edition logos. You earned it, enjoy it.

Important: Team Limited Edition jacket and pant must be worn together to provide flotation assistance.

  • MMT™ Two Stage Dry System™
  • Durable nylon shell with HydrX™ laminate and 500D Kordura®, reinforced shoulders
  • Lining - HydrX™ laminate, fully seam sealed, with inside zipper and lycra cell phone pocket
  • 10,000mm/5,000g/m² waterproof/breathable
  • F.A.S.T™ floatation (125g R value) membrane in the shell body, 125g Thermal Flex™ sleeve for maximum mobility
  • Removable zip-out jacket - Quick release 100g Thermal Flex™, Cold-Stop jacket with YKK® front zipper, 2 -YKK® hand pocket zippers, shock cord adjustable hem, with inside zipper and lycra cell phone pockets
  • Special "Limited Edition" embroideries
  • Heavy duty #8 YKK® Vislon front zipper
  • Cold-Stop multi-placket magnetic/snap front closure system
  • Inner chin placket
  • FXR exclusive "Dry Vent System™"
  • YKK® waterproof chest vent zippers with "Dry Vent™" pocket bags
  • Underarm vent zippers with integrated
  • "Dry Vent™" inserts
  • YKK® hand pocket zippers
  • Rear storage pocket zipper
  • Left sleeve key pocket
  • Hook & loop tab adjustable collar
  • Hook & loop tab adjustable hem with drop tail
  • Flex system shoulder gussets
  • Adjustable windskirt
  • Soft-stretch hook & loop adjustable cuffs
  • Lycra cuff extensions
  • Tether retention D-ring
  • Water drain mesh
  • 360° 3M® reflective

FXR's exclusive MMT™ Two Stage Dry™ Technology utilizes two separate waterproof/breathable barriers of protection from the outer elements. The MMT™ system minimizes condensation build up inside the jacket the same way as a double pane window. Condensation build up contributes a significant portion of the moisture inside a jacket and it is a scientific fact that a double layer of protection provides more resistance to condensation than a single layer. It is also a proven, scientific fact that all waterproof breathable laminates and coatings including Gore-Tex lose almost all of their breathability function in cool weather below 50° F (10º C) during levels of activity that cause the body to perspire. In a cooler environment (which is virtually every ride you take) the temperature differential between the inside and the outside of the garment normally causes an almost immediate condensation build up on the inside of the garment if it is a shell only laminate or coating.
The upshot of the MMT™ Two Stage Dry™ system is that it provides an inner layer that is warmer than the outer layer and therefore its breathability is not compromised as easily by cold. Secondly, it minimizes condensation build up because the inner layer membrane functions at a higher operating temperature, therefore improving its capacity to breathe and transfer moisture vapors through before they condensate. The third point is that because the inner layer is warmer the moisture laden air trapped inside the garment does not cool as rapidly as it contacts the inner membrane layer minimizing the risk of condensation occurring in the first place.

HydrX™ Laminate Technology
HydrX™ is FXR's exclusive high-performance waterproof/breathable laminate.
HydrX™, when used as a laminate on the outer shell only

Floatation Assistance System Technology
F.A.S.T. insulation is made from an expanded low-density polyethylene foam membrane that has excellent insulation properties wet or dry.
F.A.S.T. is moisture resistant while retaining excellent user mobility.
An FXR suit with F.A.S.T. offers buoyancy assistance for up to two hours, giving you added protection over a standard FXR insulated product.
IMPORTANT - FXR jackets and pants with F.A.S.T. must be worn together as a suit to achieve buoyancy properties. F.A.S.T. items will be rendered ineffective in adverse conditions such as strong water currents.
Remember, you are 30-40 times more likely to get hypothermia when you are wet, even when wearing a F.A.S.T. product. If you do get wet, it is critically important to immediately change into warm, dry clothing.
F.A.S.T. equipped products provide exceptional mobility, warmth, style, and attention to detail while offering buoyancy properties, but are NOT COAST GUARD APPROVED.