This product has been discontinued

Genuine Innovations Deluxe ATV Tire Repair Kit


  • Manufacturer: Genuine Innovations


Repairing flat tires are quick and easy with our versatile Emergency Tire Repair Kits. Our Deluxe ATV Kit is an essential part of any enthusiast’s “must haves”. Features our SecondWind inflator which is both a hand pump and CO2 inflator in one! Out of CO2? No problem. You’ll always have the security of being able to get your tire inflated when you carry this pump. In hand pump mode, simply attach to valve stem and start manual inflation. For CO2, drop the cartridge into the cup, attach head, attach to valve stem and pull trigger. Inflate to desired pressure and head back out on the trail. Takes only seconds to fill your tire. Also comes with three 16gram non-threaded cartridges- enough for multiple tires. For tire repair, the kit includes Tire reamer and T-handled plug insertion tool, five tire plugs, assorted patches and cement. Tire plugs will work for round and irregular holes, even sidewalls. And it all fits in our convenient 5”x6.5” zippered and padded bag. Great for scooters too! Includes a 12 inch braided hose to fit into restricted spaces.
  • Features the SecondWind MTB, combination CO2 inflator/manual hand pump
  • Includes three 16 gram non-threaded cartridges
  • Includes tire reamer and T-Handled insertion tool
  • Includes five tire “rope” plugs
  • Includes a 12 inch braided hose to fit into restricted spaces.
  • Includes rubber cement, patch assortment and scuffer
  • Convenient 5”x6.5” zippered and padded carrying case
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA