This product has been discontinued

Gerbings Hybrid Heated Gloves


  • Manufacturer: Gyde by Gerbing


12 V Hybrid Power Source:

Gerbing's products that utilize the Hybrid Heating System allow you the option of obtaining your power through a rechargeable 12-volt battery pack or through a 12-volt electrical system (directly to your vehicle's battery).

  • Gerbing's line of 12 V Hybrid Products utilize Gerbing's Hybrid Heating System®. This system allows you the option of powering from your vehicle's 12 V electrical system, or from Gerbing's 12 volt lithium-ion battery pack with its built-in microprocessor temp controller.
  • Made with premium, supple, drum-dyed leather.
  • Soft tricot fleece lining with 100g of Thinsulate® lining.
  • Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the hand with warmth.
  • Internal Aquatex waterproof/breathable membrane.
  • Includes vehicle battery harness and Y-harness.
Battery pack sold separately

Approximate battery capacity per charge for 12 V hybrid glove batteries
Power Level Run Time
High 1 hour
Medium 2.5 hours
Low 4 hours
Connected to Vehicle Battery unlimited

* Actual run time may vary depending on ambient temperature. Battery capacity decreases in very cold weather, especially if the battery is not insulated, and is left exposed to the elements. At less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit a battery may only produce 80% of its capacity.

What you need to use this product

  • Battery Harness - (Connects your heated clothing directly to your vehicle's battery) - (Included)
  • Temperature Controller (Not Included, Recommended)
  • 12 Volt Lithium-ion Battery Pack (Not Included, only needed if planning on using away from vehicle)

Gerbing's Interconnected System

All of our 12v heated clothing products form a true interconnected system in which every item connects to everything else. You can wear a jacket, gloves, pants, and insoles with only a single connection to your battery. For example, our gloves and insoles plug into our three-prong connecting harness or directly into our pants or jacket.

Gerbings Interconnected System