This product has been discontinued

Givi E260 Micro II Monolock 26 Litres


  • Manufacturer: Givi


The E260 is the smallest topcase offered by Givi. With a 26 liter luggage capacity, this case complements the small size of the Givi E21 and E36 sidecases. Note that this topcase features the Givi Monolock design, which means it must be used with a special fitting plate (included) designed to fit onto flat tubular-style topracks. Fitting to other types of luggage racks may require custom fabrication and a trip to the hardware store. This case will not fit standard Givi Monolock racks (Wingrack or Monorack) without the use of another special fitting plate (not included). Will not fit most Givi E-series topracks.

The E260 is the ideal small topcase, as it can hold one full face helmet or 26 liters of other gear. It also accepts an optional integral taillight for additional safety. Although originally designed for scooters, the E260 topcase works well with any motorcycle. The combination of the E21 Cruiser sidecases and the E260 topcase makes for the smallest three-case Givi combination, ideal for discreet applications on cruisers or sportbikes. Of course, these cases are equipped with the same system that allows the bags to be opened, locked, and removed with only one key.

  • maximum load: 3 kg
  • volume: 26 litres
  • size: 308 x 389 x 385 mm (height x depth x width)