This product has been discontinued

Givi E280 Boxy Monolock 28 Litres


  • Manufacturer: Givi


The E280 is a top-case with a capacity of 28 litres. Note that this topcase features the Givi Monolock design, which means it must be used with a special fitting plate (included) designed to fit onto flat tubular-style topracks. Fitting to other types of luggage racks may require custom fabrication and a trip to the hardware store. This case will not fit standard Givi Monolock racks (Wingrack or Monorack) without the use of another special fitting plate (not included). Will not fit most Givi E-series topracks.

The system uses a single key locking and removal system. Made of polypropylene, it is only available in silver. Comes with a plate and universal fitting kit.

  • maximum load: 3 kg
  • volume: 28 litres
  • size: 296 x 407 x 402 mm (height x depth x width)