This product has been discontinued

Givi PLR Series - Rapid Fitting Monokey Tubular Side Case Holder


  • Manufacturer: Givi


Rapid release side-case bracket for MONOKEY® luggage. The new PLR system allows you to install or remove the mounting bracket quickly and easily. All units with this new system are called PLR and are provided with special screws that secure the main mounting bracket to smaller, more discreet brackets. To remove the mounting brackets when there are no side cases mounted, simply rotate the screws half a turn by using the special GIVI wrench included in the box. In seconds, the mounting bracket will be gone and the bike will have regained its original stylish lines. To increase security against theft, all PLR systems are equipped with special screws hidden by the bags. Where it was impossible to design hidden screws, the PLR is equipped to use a padlock on the right and left side.

**Note: Model specific, item may vary from image.