This product has been discontinued

Givi TPH02 Easylock Tank Bag


  • Manufacturer: Givi


Givi TPH02 Tanklock Tankbag

Givi presents a new 3D range of bags designed with the intention of combining the safety and the solidity of a "hard" fitting to ease the use and the lightness of the soft bags.
This new range of bags made of PET laminated (TPH01) fabric or in EVA laminated fabric (TPH02), has a rigid structure that gives to this range of products a greater solidity, ie a load stability similar to the cases. The thermoforming process gives to the bags the full capacity of the load and the lightness beyond a very aerodynamic and sporty design.
The first two models of this new TPH01 (side)-TPH02 (tank) series integrate the exclusive "Easylock" and "Tanklock" systems patented by GIVI, which add to these articles further practical use, making the operation very user-friendly fixing system.

Note: Easylock fitting system requires bike specific mounting kit.