This product has been discontinued

GoPro SD HERO Wrist Housing


  • Manufacturer: GoPro


NOTE: This housing is NOT compatible with the new HD HERO Cameras. An HD HERO version of the wrist housing is also available. Wrist housing for your Motorsports HERO standard 54°lens camera or a replacement wrist housing for your Digital HERO 5 wrist camera. Also compatible with older Digital HERO 3 cameras.
Dubbed the Wrist HERO Housing, this wrist worn waterhousing for your GoProstandard 54°lens camera is theworld's most convenient solution to shooting on the go footage of your friends and family during your favorite activities, be it on the mountain or in the water.
Originally designed for surfing in big wave haven, Northern California, the housing is a engineered for maximum convenience as well as maximum durability. Perfect for surfing or snorkeling, hiking or climbing, the Wrist HERO Housing makes it easy to have a camera at hand for video and photo opportunities that occur at times where traditional cameras are too inconvenient to use or carry. No pockets? No problem if you are wearing the Wrist HERO Housing.
Thanks to its patented design, the Wrist HERO Housing can be worn securely flat on the wrist during your sport but can quickly pivot upright for aiming the shot. Even in this upright position, the camera is still securely attached to your wrist. This makes it easy to grab your surfboard, paddle, or otherwise have both hands free without a risk of dropping your camera. The waterhousing is waterproof to 100 ft/30 meters.
The housing can also be strapped to gear such as kayak paddles and the leading edge of kitesurfing kites. This allows the kitesurfer to film their entire session looking down from above, as though they had a private helicopter camera crew following them while they surf.
The Wrist HERO Housing has an adjustable neoprene strap that adjusts to fit a range of sizes from a child's wrist to fitting over the ski jacket sleeve of an adult.
Compatible only with standard lens HERO cameras (54°angle of view lens).
For HERO Wide cameras (170°angle of view lens), purchase the HD HERO Wrist Housing.
What's Included:
  • 1 Shockproof/Waterproof Pivoting Wrist Housing
  • 1 Neoprene and Velcro® Wrist Strap (One Size Fits All)
  • Warranty: One Year
Camera Model Number: GWH30
Construction: polycarbonate
Wrist Strap: neoprene and Velcro®