This product has been discontinued

Held Titan Gloves


  • Manufacturer: Held


Held Titan Race Gloves

  • Outer shell is highly abrasion-resistant, sweat-resistant, and colorfast kangaroo leather.
  • Unlined.
  • Pre-formed with curved palm: no folds or pressure points where your hands grip the bars.
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure and tunnel strap.
  • Finger bridge between ring and little fingers.
  • Knuckle shell of Carbon-Aramid-Kohle hybrid covered with titanium.
  • Thumb bend and side of hand protected by Carbon-Aramid-Kohle hybrid shell.
  • Back and thumb fully protected by Kevlar® over Suprotect® foam padding.
  • Ball of thumb and fingers protected by highly abrasion-resistant stingray leather.
  • Side-of-hand shell covered in stingray leather.
  • Elasticated leather on back, thumb and fingers.
  • Visor wiper.