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Icon Arc Motorcycle Jacket


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Icon Arc Motorcycle Jacket

The ARC Performance Series embodies a brutal evolution of form & function. Starting with an aggressively cut riding exterior, the ARC jacket has been "hot-roded" specific materials in exact areas for the greatest benefit. Abrasion resistant leather is used in high-impact areas. Gathered expansion panels are built into the ballistic nylon core, promoting unrestrained movement. The hostile nature of the ARC jacket is echoed through its tactical thermal plastic rubber implants. Use ARC as your riding exterior & you will feel its unkind intent. No apologies.

  • Durable nylon construction
  • 1.2-1.4 premium leather impact areas
  • Durable nylon chassis
  • Removable CE field armor impact protector elbow
  • Removable CE field armor impact protector shoulder
  • Removable dual-density foam back pad
  • Removable insulated liner with expansion panels
  • Icon relaxed fit
  • Imported