This product has been discontinued

Kappa TK731 Saddlebags


  • Manufacturer: Kappa


12V Power Source:

Gerbing's 12v products are designed to be powered by a 12VDC electrical system by a simple connection to the vehicle's battery or through a 12-volt accessory outlet. A motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, boat, automobile, golf cart or even an airplane can be used to power our 12v heated products.

Gerbing's Lady Rider Heated Gloves

While all of Gerbing's Heated Gloves and glove liners fit both men and women, these Gerbing's Womens Gloves were made just for the ladies.

The Lady Rider Gloves are not only cut to fit a woman's hands, but sport a lace-up gauntlet styled to complement the Ladies' Hybrid LT Jacket. Inside these soft leather gloves, is Gerbing's patented Microwire Heat Technology, with mil-spec wires so advanced and so ultra-thin you can't even feel them. And with Microwire down the length of each finger, around the ends, and even down the length of the thumb, the Lady Rider Gloves bathe your hands in soothing warmth and comfort. 


  • Gerbing's LR gloves are quality black full-analine leather for an exceptionally light, strong and flexible glove
  • The LR glove heats the entire length of each finger including the thumb as well as the back of your hand
  • Gauntlet style glove
  • Unique adjustable wrist fastener
  • Features a waterproof and breathable membrane (though the exterior is not waterproof and should be treated with Nikwax Glove Proof)
  • Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the hand with warmth.
  • Lifetime warranty on the Microwire® heating elements


  • Heat: Microwire®
  • Source: 12V DC
  • Current: 2.2A
  • Watts: 27
  • Surface Temp: About 57°C/135°F

Sizing (Hand Size in Inches)

Measure around flat hand at knuckles, thumb excluded, for your hand size.

  • XSmall: 7"
  • Small: 7.5"
  • Medium: 8"
  • Large: 8.5"

What you need to use this product

  • Battery Harness - (Connects your heated clothing directly to your vehicle's battery) - (Included)
  • Temperature Controller (Not Included, Recommended)

Gerbing's Interconnected System

All of our 12v heated clothing products form a true interconnected system in which every item connects to everything else. You can wear a jacket, gloves, pants, and insoles with only a single connection to your battery. For example, our gloves and insoles plug into our three-prong connecting harness or directly into our pants or jacket.

Gerbings Interconnected System