This product has been discontinued

Kappa TK733 Tank Bag


  • Manufacturer: Kappa


12V Power Source:

Gerbing's 12v products are designed to be powered by a 12VDC electrical system by a simple connection to the vehicle's battery or through a 12-volt accessory outlet. A motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, boat, automobile, golf cart or even an airplane can be used to power our 12v heated products.

Gerbing's Heated Socks

Motorcycling and cold feet don't mix.  Your feet control braking, shifting and provide stability when you stop.  That's why Gerbing's developed their new Microwire® Sock Liners to wrap snugly around each foot, and deliver even heat to the tops as well as the bottoms. And the socks are cut specifically for left/right feet for a perfect fit and better warmth.

Made from a lightweight, wicking, four-way stretch material, the new Sock Liners feature Gerbing's patented Microwire<® Heat Technology for the kind of smooth, soothing heat only Gerbing's can deliver.  And these new Sock Liners sport a special long cut that pulls up over your calf, making them ideal regardless how tall your boots are.

Gerbing's Heated Sock Liners.  They'll help your feet defeat the cold.

  • Gerbing's socks are made from a lightweight, wicking, four-way stretch material 
  • The socks are heated on the bottom and top of the sock concentrating heat toward the toes which adds extra heat where it is needed most
  • Extended height to cover the calf
  • Wide elastic band for extra comfort
  • Sock design is specific to left and right for a better fit
  • AWM round power cable maximizes comfort
  • Hand-washable anti-bacterial-treated material
  • Patented Microwire® heating technology
  • Lifetime Warranty on the sock liners' Microwire® heating technology


  • Heat: Microwire® heat technology
  • Source: 12-volts DC
  • Current: 1.4amps/pair
  • Watts: 17 Watts
  • Surface Temp: 135°F ±5° at 32°F 

Gerbing's STRONGLY recommends the use of a temperature controller with this product, failure to do so may cause burns. 

What you need to use this product

  • Battery Harness - (Connects your heated clothing directly to your vehicle's battery) - (Included)
  • Temperature Controller (Not Included, Recommended)

Gerbing's Interconnected System

All of our 12v heated clothing products form a true interconnected system in which every item connects to everything else. You can wear a jacket, gloves, pants, and insoles with only a single connection to your battery. For example, our gloves and insoles plug into our three-prong connecting harness or directly into our pants or jacket.

Gerbings Interconnected System