This product has been discontinued

Kappa TKB754 Tank Bag


  • Manufacturer: Kappa


Core / 7V Power Source:

Gerbing's 7v products are designed to be powered by rechargeable lithium battery packs. These products are not designed to be powered by a 12-volt electrical system and allow you the freedom to stay warm almost anywhere.

Gerbing's Women's Core Heat S2 Jacket

The new Women's Core S2 Softshell Jacket utilizes collar heat, keeping the back of your neck warm and giving you a sleek contoured look. The periwinkle blue performance fit jacket is also accented with reflective striping making walkers highly visible to passing traffic. This jacket will heat for hours with Gering's new 4 panel heat system which concentrates the heat in the collar, between the shoulder blades and on both sides of your chest. Look good and stay warm!


  • Women's jacket is heated in the collar, chest and back
  • Reverse coil zippers and hem cinch cord pull
  • Brushed collar lining and ?eece lined pockets
  • Lightweight, ultra-breathable soft shell with a laminated ?eece lining ideal for layering or wearing alone
  • Includes a 7 V 2.2 Ah rechargeable lithium battery that hides away in a zippered pocket, enjoy a whole day of soothing warmth with a single charge
  • This product is not designed to be used on motorcycles


  • Core Heat Transfer System™
  • 7V 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery power source
  • Current 1.1 A Watts 7.7 W
  • Surface Temp 135°F

Approximate Heat Output and Duration:

100% 135°F 2 hours
75% 115°F 3 hours
50% 105°F 5 hours 
25% 85°F 8 hours

  • Includes rechargeable lithium battery with a built-in microprocessor controller.

  • Please Note: Gerbing's Core Heat products are not designed for use on a motorcycle, they are designed for casual / outdoor use