This product has been discontinued

Kimpex Brake Pads Full Metal - 05-152-49FM


  • Manufacturer: Kimpex


Manufacturer Part Number: 05-152-49FM

Kimpex Metallic Brake Pads

  • Sold in pairs

Pad Purpose:
  • The purpose of any brake pad is to push or squeeze against the brake drum or disc to slow it down. Softer brake pads "bite" into the rotor and stop better but tend to wear out faster.

Stopping Power:
  • The stopping power of ceramic and metallic pads varies by temperature. Ceramic pads tend to stop better when very hot and metallic operate better in the cooler range.

Fade Resistance:
  • A ceramic pad's strongest point is its ability to resist "brake fade", or the tendency to lose performance during repeated use and subsequent heating.

  • Though both pads tend to wear at similar rates, the ceramic's softer material surface helps prevent damage to metal rotors.

Noise and Dust:
  • Ceramic pads vibrate at a higher frequency than the human ear can detect, and thus appear quieter in operation than metallic. Also, ceramic pads don't cause the black "brake dust" deposits like metallic pads.

Brake number: 8DF-W0046-01