This product has been discontinued

Kolpin Fuel Pack Jr. with Pack Mount


  • Manufacturer: Kolpin


Kolpin Fuel Pack Jr. with Pack Mount

  • Fuel Pack Jr (89185) and Pack Mount (89435) in one convenient package!
  • Puncture resistant, crush proof, high-density polyethylene makes it the toughest fuel container available
  • Mount to your ATV, UTV, garage wall, camper, boat and more!
  • Included Pack Mount is so versatile it allows our popular Fuel Pack Jr to be mounted on any flat, drillable surface
  • Fuel Pack Jr has 1.5 gallon capacity (5.68 L)
  • EPA Certified: #9TPG2P3AABP1-001-R01
  • CARB Compliant: G-09-016
  • Made in USA

Product Manual
Kolpin Part Number: 89195