This product has been discontinued

Kuryakyn Electromagnetic Cruise Assist - 6280


  • Manufacturer: Kuryakyn


Manufacturer Part Number: 6280

Kuryakyn Electromagnetic Cruise Assist

  • Push-button electromagnetic cruise control gives your wrist a rest
  • Uses magnetic force to hold throttle position steady, but is easy to override when necessary
  • Sets with just the push of a button; push again or tap the brakes to release (can also pull in the clutch on 07-11 models to release)
  • Includes chrome levers and ISO-Grips
  • NOTE: Cannot be used on motorcycles equipped with a hydraulic clutch.
  • NOTE: Not compatible with Kryakyn Switch Housing covers.
  • Tech Tips: When installing grips throughly sand the handlebar with an emery cloth. This will remove the old glue residue and provide a rough surface for the new glue to adhere.