This product has been discontinued

Kuryakyn Motorcycle Wiring Kit for V-120/V-120C - 4044


  • Manufacturer: Kuryakyn


Kuryakyn Motorcycle Wiring Kit for V-120/V-120C

The Hornet has proven to be the only device to effectively deter deer accidents. There are tens of thousands of Hornets in daily use with millions of proven miles. Regardless of speed, it produces a sound pressure of 120 db, & under most circumstances is very resistant to contamination.
Regular inspection & cleaning is recommended. Proper placement is essential for maximum performance. The Hornet includes various universal mounting brackets, basic hardware & a switch.
A separate motorcycle wiring kit is available & includes a harness & switch specifically designed for use on a motorcycle; while not required, it will make the installation much neater. Our P-Clamps work great on many motorcycles to assist in mounting to frames or engine guards.

Universal fit on 12-volt motorcycles

Manufacturer Part Number: 4044