This product has been discontinued

Kuryakyn Wild Things Camshaft TC-1 - 420


  • Manufacturer: Kuryakyn


Manufacturer Part Number: 420

Kuryakyn Wild Things TC-1 Camshafts

  • Bolt-in low-end and mid-range power with a little more up top. 80+ horsepower possible with no head work in an 88in.. Also works very well in 95 inch motors up to 10:1 compression. TC1-G is the gear drive version of the TC-1; gear drives give you more accurate timing and more long-term power and reliability by eliminating the drive chain stretch and the possibility of tensioner failure on 1999-2006 Models.
  • Intake Lift (in): .510
  • Intake Lift at TDC (in): .158
  • Intake Opening (degrees): 15
  • Intake Closing (degrees): 41
  • Intake Duration (degrees): 236
  • Intake Lobe Center (degrees): 103
  • Exhaust Lift (in): .498
  • Exhaust Lift at TDC (in): .121
  • Exhaust Opening (degrees): 40
  • Exhaust Closing (degrees): 08
  • Exhaust Duration (degrees): 228
  • Exhaust Lobe Center (degrees): 106
  • 1999 Models with keyed drive gear will have to install a splined gear.