This product has been discontinued

Kuryakyn Wild Things Camshaft TC-26D - 461


  • Manufacturer: Kuryakyn


Manufacturer Part Number: 461

Kuryakyn Wild Things TC-26D Camshafts

  • High lift version of the TC-2D.
  • Great all around power potential from this cam. With the Wild Things heads, pistons, and throttle body, we have made over 120 HP. A very street-friendly cam.
  • High-Lift springs required.
  • Valve-to-valve and valve-to-piston clearance should be checked.
  • It is important to check for lobe-to-case clearance. Material may need to be removed above the main bearing.
  • Intake Lift (in): .575
  • Intake Lift at TDC (in): .175
  • Intake Opening (degrees): 18
  • Intake Closing (degrees): 50
  • Intake Duration (degrees): 248
  • Intake Lobe Center (degrees): 106
  • Exhaust Lift (in): .495
  • Exhaust Lift at TDC (in): .145
  • Exhaust Opening (degrees): 48
  • Exhaust Closing (degrees): 14
  • Exhaust Duration (degrees): 242
  • Exhaust Lobe Center (degrees): 107
  • All Cams designated with a D are chain drive style Cams and use stock cam chain drives.