This product has been discontinued

Leatt Adventure Neck Brace


  • Manufacturer: Leatt


Due to the unprecedented success of the Leatt-Brace™ Moto GPX Club and Sport model neck protection devices in competitive motocross and off road racing, we were determined to introduce a more affordable neck protection device for the greater motorcycle markets hence the introduction of the ADVenture™ Brace.
To achieve this we studied the range of movement requirements for the different types of motorcycles and the disposable income of the market attracted to these motorcycles.
The result is the new Leatt ADVenture™ Brace. This Brace was created for the mass-market, the fun, off-road (weekend warrior), dual-purpose, commuting and touring markets and cost has been contained by having a non-adjustable front and rear member of solid construction to contain cost.
The Leatt ADVenture™ Brace uses the same design integrity and biomechanical function of the Moto GPX Braces with less adjustment relating to forward and rearward movement of the helmet.