This product has been discontinued

Leatt H1 Handsfree Hydration Harnesspack


  • Manufacturer: Leatt


Leatt H1 Handsfree Hydration System

Superlight Hydration Harness; the H1 HANDSFREE™ system is made for racers who want the lightest hydration pack on the market. Used by some of the fastest off road racers in the world it's small, discrete, lightweight, and thanks to the hands free accessories kit ensures all you have to do is stay focused on the track ahead. With the slim fitting, body hugging harness design it can be worn underneath a chest protector or jersey. Exclusive Helmet Hands Free (HHF) system delivers super-fast access to hydration, inside your helmet. This ensures you'll stay hydrated and focused. The simple harness system is adjustable to allow a correct fit without restricting upper body movements or the rider's breathing.

  • Ultra light hydration kit
  • 0.5L (18 ounce) disposable medical grade bladder for up to 1h riding
  • Hands free drinking system
  • Body harness for integrated body fit
  • Velcro adjusting body harness for optimal sizing
  • Hoses and mouth piece in high grade Silicone
  • Bladder, hose, connectors and bite valve are BPA free
  • Aluminum foil encapsulated bladder keeps your liquid cooler
  • Can be used with or without a neck brace
  • Weight 165grams
  • One adults size fits S-XXL