This product has been discontinued

Leatt Pre-Cool Youth Cooling Vest


  • Manufacturer: Leatt


Leatt Pre-Cool Junior Cooling Vest

Heat is the athlete's enemy. Outside heat as well as excessive core heat, inside your body, can reduce athletic and mental performance. The Leatt Pre-Cooling vest is designed to help keep your body cool, even reduce your standing body temperature, before you compete and allow you to cool down quicker after the event.
On hot days an athlete's body will have in increased body temperature before the competition even begins. This makes the athlete more prone to early heat exhaustion, loss of muscle performance, loss of mental concentration and can be, in extreme cases, even life threatening.
Four Cool Pax™ inserts (two in the junior size) maintain a comfortable temperature of 58°F (or 14°C) for up to 3 hours. Because they "freeze" at 58°F you can activate them in a freezer, refrigerator or even in an ice chest, in just 45 minutes. Wearing the Pre-Cool Vest before an event keeps the athlete as fresh as possible up they are until ready to compete. Do not wear the vest during the competition! Then put the vest back on after the competition for quicker recovery.
The fabric vest itself should be soaked a minimum of 2 minutes in cool water and helps cool the body through evaporation. With the Cool Pax™ removed the vest can be worn during competitions, while soaked, but never to be worn after it has become dry.

  • For Pre-Cooling athletes before, between and after events
  • Not for use while competing
  • Lowers body temperature
  • Increase muscle performance/endurance
  • Cool Pax™ cooling inserts freeze at 58°F (or 14°C), stay cold for up to 3 hours
  • Cool Pax™ unique fluid is 30% lighter than water/gel based packs
  • No risk of "ice burn"
  • Fits directly on body
  • Vest, with packs removed, doubles as a cooling vest that can be worn in competition
  • Flat, non-irritating, over lock seams
  • Front, rear and side panels made of stretchable wicking fabric for comfort and additional cooling