This product has been discontinued

Michelin Anakee Radial Rear Tire


  • Manufacturer: Michelin


Michelin Anakee Radial Rear Tire

Large-displacement adventure touring bikes were originally designed to evoke the image of Dakar-style rallying, but in recent years, these bikes have become more oriented toward all-around road riding and sport touring. Trail-styled bikes with sportbike-derived engines, such as the Suzuki V-Strom, have exposed the need for a new type of tire. Michelin Anakee tires are the first to combine rugged off-road styling with serious all-season road performance.

  • Radial or bias-ply tire for large adventure touring bikes
  • Versatile tread with deep channels for water evacuation
  • Silica-charged rubber mix for all-weather grip
  • Lateral rigidity and stability thanks to reinforced casing
  • Silica also helps provide exceptional mileage
  • Tubeless or tube-type