This product has been discontinued

Michelin Commander Front Tire


  • Manufacturer: Michelin


Michelin Commander Front Tire

With their easy-steering profile, ultra-comfortable highway ride and distinctive styling, Michelin Commander tires combine a custom look with superb handling and precise steering. Yet Commander tires help deliver the long mileage that serious riders expect.

  • Approved fitments for Harley-Davidson motorcycles/models in select sizes. See link below for a detailed listing.
  • Rayon carcass plies instead of more-common polyester, for a remarkably compliant ride and stable handling.
  • Kevlar belts in rear Commander tires, instead of less-costly fiberglass. Kevlar helps control the centrifugal growth of the tire, promoting a large contact patch, excellent traction and even wear. Kevlar is a registered trademark of DuPont.
  • High-density cord count in rear Commander tires helps inhibit deformation of the casing.
  • Unique tread pattern combines good looks with excellent water evacuation, even wear patterns, and resistance to wandering over rain grooves.
  • Dependable grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Premium replacement tire for cruisers
  • Wide range of original-equipment replacement sizes
  • Superb wet and dry grip
  • Remarkably stable and comfortable ride