This product has been discontinued

Michelin Pilot Road Rear Tire


  • Manufacturer: Michelin


Michelin Pilot Road Rear Tire
  • Innovative radial structure with two ply at 75deg;, bound by a longitudinal zero-degree crown ply. This compliant casing promotes comfort, consistent handling under varying loads, and durability
  • Versatile rubber mix with 100% silica reinforcing fillers, providing the ideal compromise between grip and mileage
  • Compounds front and rear have been optimized to promote balanced wear on both wheels
  • Semi-elliptic profile provides progressive, stable handling on highways and backroads
  • Progressively tapered grooves channel water away from the contact patch. Semi-slick tread pattern at the shoulder combines wet traction with reassuring feedback on dry roads
  • W-rated for speeds up to 168 mph
Stock Replacement Tires:

180/55ZR-17 K = K1200GT/RS 2003-06

160/60ZR-17 A = CBF1000