This product has been discontinued

Michelin Starcross HP4 Hard Front Tire


  • Manufacturer: Michelin


Michelin Starcross HP4 Hard Front Tire

Starcross® HP4 tires are designed for hardpacked, extreme "blue-groove" conditions. Starcross® HP4 tires feature innovative knob patterns designed to help maximize cornering traction on hardpack. The wide 90/100-21 front Starcross® HP4 tire (as opposed to the typical 80/100-21 size) provides a larger contact patch that enhances predictability in blue groove conditions. The taller, wider front casing also provides greater air volume for absorbing hard landings.

  • Closely-spaced knobs help maximize contact patch
  • Taller, wider front casing absorbs hard landings
  • Innovative knob pattern for cornering grip on hardpack
  • Suitable for 250 four-strokes, 250 two-strokes and 450 four-strokes