This product has been discontinued

Mobile Warming 12V Battery Charger for Auto


  • Manufacturer: Mobile Warming


Mobile Warming 12V Battery Charger for Auto

  • Simply plug in charger and connect battery to charger. When all indicator lights stop flashing, battery is fully charged


  • Plug in charged battery to connection cable on jacket/vest. To turn on battery, press and hold on/off for several seconds until light comes on (if light doesn’t turn on, the battery needs charging). When on power starts at 100%, keep on high setting for five to ten minutes to warm up the garment. After the desired temperature is reached, turn the battery down to 50% for a full day’s use outside. Turn off the battery during extended breaks or indoors to extend your usage time


  • In extremely cold conditions, 100% power is needed, be aware that the battery will lose power after three hours. It is strongly recommended to purchase an extra battery for extreme cold conditions