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Motorcycle Boot Fitment

For most of our boots, sizing will either be US/CAN or European. The chart below is a rough guide for converting between sizes, but it does not work perfectly for every brand. We recommend that you consult the size chart for the particular boot you want to buy. A link to this is provided on every Canada's Motorcycle product page. If a boot consistently runs a size larger or smaller than expected, we make note of it there too.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

US/CAN Men’s US/CAN Women’s European (Unisex)
3.5 5 35
4 5.5 35.5
4.5 6 36
5 6.5 37
5.5 7 37.5
6 7.5 38
6.5 8 38.5
7 8.5 39
7.5 9 40
8 9.5 41
8.5 10 42
9 10.5 43
9.5 11 43.5
10 11.5
10.5 12 44
11 12.5 44.5
11.5 13 45
12 13.5 45.5
12.5 14 46.5
13 14.5 47
13.5 15 48
14 15.5 48.5

How to Test Your Boots

The trick is to try the boots on inside your house. Walk around for a while, and make sure they’re comfortable. Put on your motorcycle pants, and assume a riding position if possible. Most importantly, be sure to wear the type of socks that you’re going to be riding with. You want to make sure the boot plays nice with the rest of your kit.

If you keep the boots in new condition, and you don’t ride with them, you’ll be able to return or exchange them for free. This makes it quick and easy to try a different size or model.

Motorcycle footwear should fit snugly. All boots will break-in over time, so a tight fit is beneficial as long as it isn't turning your foot blue. Comfort is king.

Also, motorcycle boots are notoriously hard to get on and off. This is probably a good thing, as you'll want them to stay on during a crash. If you've never experienced the wonders of a shoehorn, now might be the time.

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