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Motorcycle Exhaust Fitment

When you’re looking at an exhaust system on our website, you will be able to input your vehicle to the right side of the product image. After you do this, the site will confirm or deny the fitment for your particular bike. Easy as pie.

You can also check out our parts pages, where you can refine the search to show only the exhausts that fit your bike.

If you need a fuel controller or a jet kit, we've got you covered. These parts are also bike-specific, so just input your ride to get a fitment confirmation.

Please note that our fitment checker only works if the relevant components of your motorcycle are stock. If there’s already an aftermarket exhaust system on your bike, we cannot confirm whether a new slip on will fit, for instance.

Finally, there are uncommon cases where no slip-on will fit. That’s because some motorcycles simply do not accommodate any of the slip-on exhausts on the market. If this is the case, you will have to get a full exhaust system. Down the road, however, you'll find that several slip-ons can work with the aftermarket midpipe and header.

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