Motorcycle Jackets

About Motorcycle Jackets

Shopping for motorcycle jackets can be overwhelming. There are a lot of brands, a lot of styles and a lot of features resulting in hundreds of seemingly acceptable choices. We’re going to break down this vast selection so that you can find the right jacket for you.

At its core, a motorcycle jacket is designed to protect you against two things: the environment (the weather) and injuries (in the case of an accident).

Protecting against injuries is typically top of mind for any motorcycle garment designer. As a rider, you hope that it’ll never happen to you, but there is no better insurance than to wear a jacket that will protect you in the case of the unexpected. The level of protection that a motorcycle jacket provides depends on two main factors: Material & Armour

Protecting against nature’s elements (the wind, the rain, the sun, and the cold) will make riding more enjoyable. If riding becomes more pleasant, you’ll go on longer rides and further enjoy the outdoors. Depending on where you live and the kind of riding you do, one of these environmental impediments will be your primary concern when shopping for a motorcycle jacket. If that’s your case, you’ll want to focus on the jacket categories that are specifically designed to tackle these hardships. Have a look at our waterproof jackets, adventure jackets, and mesh jackets (aka well ventilated jackets). If you’re looking for a single motorcycle jacket that is well rounded and will perform well in various environments, you’ll want to explore our all-season jackets.

Now that you are knowledgeable of the different attributes that go into evaluating a motorcycle jacket, we need to help narrow down the large selection of jackets available. The best way to do this is to identify the type of rider that you are and look at the different jackets tailored to your style of riding.

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