This product has been discontinued

Nelson-Rigg SUC-MT-50 Suction Cup Mounting Kit


  • Manufacturer: Nelson-Rigg



Nelson-Rigg SUC-MT-50 Suction Cup Mounting Kit


  • 4 powerful suction cups allows bag to securely mount to any smooth non textured painted surface. Includes painted surfaces with flat, matte or satin finish.
  • Works with all tanks: metal, plastic and aluminum...and all shapes and sizes.
  • Compatible with: CL-80, CL-85, CL-90, CL-130, CL-135, CL-1010-ST, CL-1020, CL-1025-ST, CL-1030, CL-1035-ST, CL-1040, CL-2015-ST, CL-2020-ST, CL-903, CL-904, SLR-15, SLR-25, SLR-55

Will not work on textured surfaces. The suction cups must be placed on a smooth, clean and dry surface. You do not need to moisten suction cups before use. Using any wax or polish on your tank is not recommended when using this kit as it may cause the suction cups to slide. Failure to adhere to these warnings may result in, but not be limited to: the luggage becoming detached, the product becoming tangled in moving parts of the vehicle, unstable vehicle dynamics, and/or. The result(s) of could lead to serious injury.reduction in the ability to control the vehicle.

Manufacturer Part Number: SUC-MT-50